About David Janeson

Based in Winnipeg, Canada, David Janeson is a devoted steward of the environment and advocate for sustainable tourism. Janeson devotes the bulk of his time to projects that support the natural and cultural heritage of his beloved corner of the world.

David Janeson and Gulf Harbour Marina

Together with his wife, Lori, Janeson is the proud owner of Gull Harbour Marina, a distinctive resort and rental property on beautiful Hecla Island. Located on the southwestern shore of Lake Winnipeg, Hecla Island and its environs form the core of the historic New Iceland region, the heart of Canada’s Icelandic diaspora.

David Janeson, Lori Janeson, and a trusted team of employees are in the midst of a multi-year refurbishment of Gull Harbour. The property features 13 rental units split between traditional hotel rooms and rental cabins; a general store featuring an al fresco patio and ice cream shop; a fully functional marina with a winter boat storage business; and a machine shop open for boat work on an as-needed basis.

David Janeson and the Maskwa Project

The Janesons are also passionate supporters of the Maskwa Project, an ambitious organisation devoted to the “[promotion] of education and demonstration of energy conservation, environmental stewardship and appropriate technology.” The Maskwa Project’s urban and rural locations provide a variety of after-school, weekend, and summer programming to at-risk youth in Winnipeg and surrounding communities.

When he’s not making improvements at Gull Harbour Marina, or working with the Maskwa Project, Janeson enjoys mountain biking, ice fishing, and other outdoor activities. He’s often found out on the lake with Lori, an avid kayaker.